. infoMateria: materials selection and failure analysis

Materials selection & Failure Analysis

infoMateria analyses & explains materials related issues that lead to damage & loss of productivity for customers across a wide array of industries. in determining the root cause of materials problems infoMateria follows best practice and builds on years of experience in industry & academia.


Selection of materials may be limited for example by design, intended use, possibilities for maintenance, regulations or environmental factors. infoMateria helps you get to grips with these.


Proper investigation of damage to machinery or infrastructure may point to issues with maintenance, use, materials selection or design. Every failure offers an opportunity to learn about your process and avoid future problems.


infoMateria is setting up its own materials analysis lab focussing on microscopic techniques such as Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS). infoMateria partners with other materials laboratories, such as MT Veendam for a range of other analytical techniques.


To give you an idea of the scope, recently infoMateria studied fatigue in Al-6xxx welds in transportation, corrosion fatigue of CrMo steels in a mill, contamination issues in wearables, superduplex stress corrosion in mining and flow assisted corrosion in high-T steel in energy production.





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